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Suspensions are again a critical component of any vehicle as bad or inadequate car suspension can affect various other aspects of a motor vehicle as well. These include braking, tyres, alignment and much more. Your motor vehicle’s steering and suspension includes shock absorbers/struts, springs, brushes and as such we apply a methodical approach to this structural element of a vehicle. 

Certain types of vehicles such as 4 x 4, passenger, vans and performance vehicles require additional attention because of the size and shape of the vehicles in question.

Full Range of Services

Our modern electronic diagnostic equipment allows us to interface directly with your vehicle’s engine management system. This enables us to conduct a thorough scan to measure how the vehicle is currently operating, check emission analysis and adjust or calibrate the engine for optimal performance and fuel efficiency.

Fuel injectors are an important part to the smooth running of your engine and it’s efficiency. All fuel injectors slowly become clogged to a certain degree over time. Even if you use higher octane fuels and high grade engine oil you will need to have your fuel injectors cleaned at regular intervals. We clean and repair all types of fuel injector systems.

Together with our manual safety checks and detailed inspection throughout relevant parts of the vehicle, we ensure that both performance and safety are properly attended to. If we do find wear and tear or parts that need replacing during an inspection or during standard servicing, you will be informed and given a choice of repair options.

Brakes and clutches require regular inspection and changing of pads to ensure safety and to prevent more expensive damage that can occur if they are allowed to wear down below recommended levels. Disk brake rotors can sometimes be machined to prolong their life or may need replacing when they wear too low. We will advise you of your options after we have inspected your brakes. The life and effectiveness of rotors, brake and clutch pads will vary depending on the type of vehicle, the weight of the vehicle, the type of driving, whether you are towing, and the brand of pads fitted. We can check, advise and fit the best pads for your budget and driving needs.

If you suspect that your pads may be low or you are experiencing any problem with your brakes, clutch or automatic transmission, contact us straight away to book your car in. If your vehicle is unsafe to drive we can help you with arrangements to have it towed in. In some instances we can arrange the use of a loan car while we are repairing yours.

Wheel alignment and balancing will ensure that your steering is smooth and that you get the best wear from the life of your tyres. Normal driving conditions will take it’s toll on your tyres and steering so it’s important to have these attended to regularly to prevent premature wear.

We maintain and repair all types of suspension, shock absorbers, independent rear suspension, diffs, transmissions and any other issues related to the general drive chain of the vehicle.

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